Stamping workshop

The press line adopted the KBS system
(Dual robot crossbar system) and it was the first production line of ABB to adopt this technology
The first press machine in the press line adopted the DDC system
(dynamic drive chain) and it was the second production line of ABB to adopt this technology in China

Welding workshop

Main line transmission of car body
slide cycling transmission system
Assembly parts auxiliary transportation
EMS cycling transmission system
Welding line
ABB ROBOT automatic welding system
Adopting domestically advanced automatic vehicle management system
Introducing Hexagon cantilever CMM system to test the car body

Painting workshop

Pre-treatment electrophoresis
continuous through-type pendulum chain
Baking oven
continuous through-type U-shaped bridge baking oven
Painting system
FANUC field new wall-mounted spray painting robot
Electronic control system
most advanced and sophisticated control equipment in China

Assembly workshop

Interior and final assembly conveyor line
FDS conveyor technology, with large push plate as conveyor
Chassis conveyor line
using the whole set of the U.S. Burke E. Porter brand system
Glass gluing equipment
adopting the U.S. GRACO gluing equipment and ABB gluing robot